“In Case Of” Werewolf Kit, because you never know

If you’re looking for a gift for the monster memorabilia collector in your life, or if you’re one of those self-hating werewolf types, check out the Werewolf Kit from crafty prop-makers In Case Of. For less than USD $190, you can get one of 1,589 limited edition werewolf cabinets, which are “crafted, painted, and finished by hand”.

Each kit contains the following items, all of which (except the handbook) are made of hand-painted plastic:

  • Navy caplock musket equipped with silver bayonet
  • 6 silver bullets on stand
  • Black powder flask
  • Protective amulet
  • Pouch containing silver bullets, wadding and percussion caps
  • Werewolf handbook

At first I was a little put off by the fact that everything’s made of plastic, but of course this isn’t a functional kit any more than the SRA is a real government entity. It’s an art object with all of its components sealed into an inaccessible box, and the fun of it comes from the experience of verisimilitude (the parts sure look real) and the supposition that a caplock gun behind glass is going to save you in the event that a 300LB werewolf wants to eat your face.

In Case Of also provides emergency kits to defend against vampires, zombies and demons. Their web site is a little slow right now, possibly as a result of some crazy Black Friday traffic they got from a site in Russia, but there’s a lot of interesting (if grammatically innovative) stuff on there. Kudos to the two founding “childhood buddies”!