HOWL CON 2015 is happening and I’ll be there

October 2012’s HOWL CON was the only successful werewolf fan convention in North America (“successful” defined as “it actually happened and people had fun”), and after taking some time off, it’s back on and better than ever. HOWL CON 2015 is happening February 7-8, 2015 in Vancouver, WA, and I’m happy to say that Tandye and I will be attending as guests.

We will be joining an impressive lineup that includes author Carrie Vaughn, Underworld: Evolution moldmaker George Willis, Werewolf: the Apocalypse game designers Satyros Phil Brucato & Jason Andrew, and many more (including a kickass musical guest I can’t say anything about, but which will be announced this Wednesday).

Registration is open now. Weekend passes are $40, but if you act fast you can get in for $30. If you have ideas for programming or content, you can submit them directly to the planners, who may turn you down if your idea is to “fill the lobby with slavering wolf-beasts”. There’s also an art show being coordinated by Kigai Holt, and of course the lynchpin of any good convention, the Dealer Room. I’ll be in there a lot. You should come say hi!