Three classic werewolf films get the Trailers From Hell! treatment

Nothing underscores the size and depth of the Internet for me like the realization that the cool new thing I just discovered is actually an entrenched and respected phenomenon. Did you know about Trailers From Hell? Were you aware that film director Joe Dante (yes him) and many of his filmmaker pals have been giving trailers for horror, sci-fi and cult movies a paternal sort of MST3K treatment since 2007? This was news to me, and I can only hope to undo my shame by sharing with you the three (3!) consecutive werewolf film trailers that received the TFH treatment this week.

First up is director John Landis (yes that’s correct) admiring the cinematography, sets and performances of Curse of the Werewolf.

Next is screenwriter Josh Olson, who confronts the danger of reviewing one of his boss’s films before identifying The Howling‘s greatest contribution to pop culture: criminalizing the smiley-face five years before Alan Moore did it.

Finally, writer and director Ti West has effusive praise for his favourite Michael J. Fox movie of all time – Teen Wolf.