Sketchy dudes in camo & Bill Oberst Jr. with a knife: “Werewolf Rising” trailer & DVD release

Here’s what I can tell you about the upcoming werewolf movie “Werewolf Rising”, courtesy of Shock Till You Drop’s haphazard “exclusive”.

  • It tells the story of a probably-less-helpless-than-she-seems woman, Emma, who returns to her deep-woods Arkansas family home for some “soul-searching”. If the trailer’s accurate, she’s interrupted by creepy guys wearing camouflage, a surprised and gentle-looking wolf, and… SOMETHING IN THE WOODS.
  • It’s written and directed by BC Furtney, and stars Bill Oberst Jr., Danielle Lozeau, Melissa Carnell and Irena Murphy. Bill Oberst Jr. owns, and I’ll watch him in anything, even if it’s a toothpaste commercial. Check him out in The Beast, an effective short werewolf horror film from 2012.
  • The trailer is surprisingly forthcoming with the werewolf effects, which seem comprised of a practical suit that looks 50% realistic, 80% interesting, and 0% like the werewolf on the DVD cover. I like them big ears, though.
  • The STYD article has the DVD release date as September 8th, but it also misspells Bill’s last name, so I’m more inclined to trust Amazon, which has it slated for an October 14th release.

October’s the perfect time for pulp: pumpkin guts and movies like this. Have a look at the trailer below, and pre-order it on Amazon for $11.99.