Little Red & werewolf go on killing spree in music video for The Griswolds’ “Beware the Dog”

Australian indie rock band The Griswolds release their first full-length album Be Impressive on August 25th (or 26th, depending on where you live), and the video for the single “Beware The Dog” is gory, goofy and a lot of fun!

The song is a breezy, summery romp that fits well with the band’s self-described “tequila-inspired party pop” aesthetic (though the lyrics actually seem to chronicle the dissolution of a friendship). The video follows Little Red Riding Hood and her special friend as they go on a murderous rampage, complete with dismemberments, an angry mob and a huge werewolf in a tiny motorcycle sidecar. The werewolf suit is impressive, and the number of rubbery flying limbs and the quantities of fake blood getting poured on the ground approach Monty Python levels of extremely silly gore. If you enjoyed it as much as I did, support the band by picking up Be Impressive from iTunes, Amazon or their own shop.