“WolfCop 2” greenlit weeks before “WolfCop” premiere

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, CineCoup has already approved a sequel to WolfCop, despite the fact that the public won’t get to see the first film until June 6th. After “unanimous positive” reactions to the from buyers at Cannes, the Canadian film company has scheduled a Fall 2014 shoot / early 2015 “worldwide” release, with Lowell Dean returning to direct. From the press release:

“We are ecstatic by the reception of international buyers to CineCoup’s first feature film,” says Brad Pelman, CineCoup President, Distribution and Sales. “Based on the unanimous positive reaction to the film, we will be putting Wolfcop 2 into production this fall. We can’t divulge much about the storyline at this point, only that it will be dirtier and harrier than the first one.”

Lowell made some comments about possible sequels in the recent WolfCop AMA on Reddit, but I certainly wasn’t expecting an official announcement four days later. As actor James Whittingham said on Twitter last night, it looks like Lowell will go “at least a quarter of a decade thinking about werewolves 24/7”. Welcome to my world.

Congratulations to the entire WolfCop team!