Man in werewolf mask robs a Forever 21, because “Florida”

What else is there to say, really? It’s all there in the post title. Florida news-bots WESH and WKMG have more details if you want them, but as you can see from the surveillance photo, there’s nothing going on. Oh, well, I mean, there’s some skinny turd in a hoodie using a gun and a mask to get all the “big bills” from the poor manager of a women’s clothing store in an outlet mall, but unless you’re a vigilante superhero in Orlando who’s looking for a bottom-of-the-barrel villain to hunt, there’s not a lot of meat on this particular bone.

Criminals, quit it with the werewolf thing. Here in BC we have the werewolf BMX bandit, and Ohio’s got this creep – we don’t need more negative exposure. And Florida, I’m already committed to never visiting you, so “goodbye forever” even more.