Laura Imbruglia & Chelsea Wolfe music videos

Do you like music? I like music, and I like music videos that are trippy or funny, too. I have one of each for you on this Tuesday evening.

The first, submitted by the venerable Lew, is for Laura Imbruglia‘s song “Awoooh!“, which is from her new album “What A Treat.” Lew suggested that it would fulfill all my “disco line-dancing wolfgirl needs”, which it absolutely did. It also introduced me to Laura’s music, which is a poppy brand of country-rock – something I never would have sought out on my own, but which I find utterly charming.

The second video comes from a reader whose original email or tweet I have lost, but to whom I am indebted for giving me a such great flashback to the mid-1990’s heyday of music video production. The song is “Feral Love” by Chelsea Wolf, which you might recognize from this trailer for season 4 of Game Of Thrones. The song is originally from her album “Pain Is Beauty“, and the video by Mark Pellington is loaded with unsettling imagery.