Horror / crime thriller “Bigger and Badder” blew me away

If you’re a fan of crime thrillers, truly excellent accents and hand pruners, might I suggest Bigger and Badder, a 2012 short film written and directed by Richard Wantuch and starring Phil HemmingSam Knight and Christopher Harvey. It’s 16 minutes of wonderfully-acted, tightly-edited, perfectly-scored tension by Plaural Films, and my only complaint about it is that it’s not a feature length film. It’s been screened at a number of festivals over the last year, and there seems to be a Blu-ray disc in the offing, but for now, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube.

I don’t know what else I can tell you without spoiling it, other than Phil Hemming scared the shit out of me as a younger, handsomer (but no less threatening) Brick Top type mob boss, and that the shot composition and split performances of Sam Knight and Greg Hobbs in the “you asked for this” bathroom scene are exquisite.

For more information on this little beauty by Plaural Films, check out the Bigger and Badder web site or Facebook page.