WWII Paratroopers battle Nazi werewolves in “Deadman’s Land”

Most people assume that the vampire is the natural enemy of the werewolf. I mean, just look at them, with their stupid smirks and crushed velvet. However, my research has shown that the true nemeses of every lycanthrope are the common, garden-variety Nazis, who have the same groundless arrogance and shitty fashion sense as vampires, but with the extra deficit of being genocidal maniacs. But what happens when the werewolves are Nazis? In Deadman’s Land, actor and writer Barry Duffield explores in gory detail what Robert Rodriguez only briefly considered before he left to make more Spy Kids movies.

Deadman’s Land is a 108-page graphic novel based on Duffield’s screenplay of the same name – a screenplay that was a quarter-finalist in 2013 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Competition. Duffield’s story follows a “squad of battle-hardened paratroopers [who] find themselves in bloody combat with a pack of genetically-altered Nazi Werewolves.”

Terry Heller and his squad of elite Paratroopers are shot down behind enemy lines. They pick up stragglers as they move toward their objective, a militarily strategic bridge held by the German occupying forces and rigged for demolition if taken.

Heller and his squad arrive to find the village eerily deserted, half eaten meals, loaded weapons, and personal effects lie discarded by the German troops. The bridge is secured and the village cleared, nothing living or dead is found, only questions remain.

The adaptation from screenplay to panels is the work of Steve Stern Graphic Novel Adaptations, and the artwork is by Tyler Sowles of Killustration Studios.  Production of Deadman’s Land is nearing completion, and with any luck, publisher and release formats will be announced sometime this spring. For more info, including a look at the development of the artwork, visit the Deadman’s Land Facebook page.