The Bogus Backyard Werewolf of Brazil

According to The Internet, this is a real thing, insofar as man’s claims re: a 1.5 metre, hair-covered thing scratching at his gate and “writhing” in a very real way motivated the Brazilian city of São Gonçalo dos Campos to impose a 9PM curfew. It’s had coverage everywhere, from paranormal news sites  to FEARNET to The Huffington Post, each one addressing the situation with its own house brand of incredulity. Here at Chateau Werewolf News, the incredulity has the rich, zesty tang of scientific skepticism, which comes from an ornate bottle labelled with the text “All Kidding Aside, Werewolves Aren’t Real”.

The logo on the label is a raised eyebrow.

Oh, and then there’s the facts as reported by Brazilian news portal Afternoon: that the accompanying video footage is actually from at least as far back as 2007, that the “man” who reported the sighting is actually a boy who was waiting for a bus at 3PM, and that a city official said “that there was no record related to the case”. Oh, The Internet, when will you learn?