Stjepan Šejić’s “fur brush tutorial” werewolf portrait is killer

Croatian artist Stjepan Šejić cranked out this stunning depiction of what a werewolf victim sees five seconds before they die in less than 32 minutes just to show folks “how to make and use one of the variations of fur brush i make and use myself”. He even posted a video of the entire process, which is fascinating to watch, and which further vindicates my wife’s refusal to use any version of Photoshop newer than CS3.

Stjepan is an experienced comic artist and illustrator whose work can be seen in many Image / Top Cow titles. His deviantART gallery is packed with art covering a wide array of subjects, from Renaissance-inspired comic pages to riffs on memes and even Adventure Time fan art. Many thanks to him for creating this stunning beast, and to Tandye for bringing it to my attention!