New “Ginger Snaps” DVD / Blu-ray artwork from Scream Factory

Scream Factory is on a werewolf blitz. The new art for their upcoming re-release of Ginger Snaps showed up on Facebook this week. I think it’s the best cover yet for the classic Canadian werewolf movie, and if at first you feel that it doesn’t quite have the epic vibe of last week’s Dog Soldiers cover, remember that Ginger Snaps has way fewer guns and way more teen angst than Dog Soldiers. Some details from the Facebook post:

Some of you may have seen this before as artist Joel Robinson (The Vincent Price Collection) adapted this from an existing piece of artwork he created prior to Scream Factory which we thought was cool to begin with and liked it enough to represent this fun cult film.

The “existing piece” is this poster by Joel, which I like even better than the Scream Factory adaptation. Regardless, Long live Brigitte!