Is “Supernatural” hunter Garth a werewolf?

After binge-watching six or seven seasons on Netflix last year, my wife and I are confirmed Supernatural fans. It’s shot locally, its writing is wonderfully self-aware, and I’ve always grudgingly approved of how werewolves are portrayed on the show (culturally, if not physically). We’re not caught up on the current season (9) because we’ve been busy binge-watching another series, but I was excited to hear that last week’s episode, “Sharp Teeth”, featured the return of the bumbling, loveable and long-absent Garth, and that his absence might be due to a newly-acquired case of lycanthropy.

Here’s the episode promo:

And the official synopsis:

GARTH RETURNS – After finding out that Garth (guest star DJ Qualls) is in the hospital, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go to check on him. Still carrying the guilt over Kevin, Dean lays into Garth about disappearing and demands to know where he’s been. Garth makes an excuse and then hightails it away from the guys. Confused as to why Garth would run from them, Sam and Dean do some investigating and are stunned by what they find.

SPOILER ALERT: allow me to ruin the “surprise” of episode, which the promo and the synopsis both spend a lot of time drawing question marks around. Yes, Garth is a werewolf now, as is his new wife Bess, they both survive, and the episode ends on a “maybe we shouldn’t kill all werewolves” note. Score one for the good(ish) guys!