Creators of “Hellfjord” team up for horror-comedy “Party Animal”

As exclusively reported by Variety and then parroted verbatim by dozens of other movie news sites, Norwegian director Patrik Syversen (Hellfjord) and actor / screenwriter Stig Frode Henriksen (Hellfjord, Dead Snow) are teaming up for “Party Animal”, which is being described as “the first modern Scandinavian werewolf movie” by its producers. Very little about Party Animal is known beyond the names attached and the fact that Los Angeles – based XYZ Films has sales rights. It’s currently “in development”, which could mean anything from “we have a draft script” to “we’re in post production”. Wherever it is in the pipeline, the synopsis sounds promising:

A horror film with action and comedic beats, “Animal” turns on a disillusioned young man who arranges a bachelor party for his best friend at a locked-down location. But he has to fight for his life when it turns out that the groom is a werewolf.

I haven’t seen Dead Snow, zombies not being my thing, and I have to admit that the only Norway-related production I’ve seen in recent years is Lillyhammer, which can be dark and scary and funny, but which definitely does not contain werewolves. What I learned about Hellfjord while researching this post looks fucking great, though, so I’m going to check that out, and I’m (respectfully) Twitter-stalking Syversen, so I’ll be primed to tell you more about Party Animal‘s locked-in-with-a-varulv goodness when the time comes.