The werewolf of “Autumn Moon” is old-school perfection

“Autumn Moon” is an upcoming werewolf film written and directed by Randy Fabert, who wants it to be “the most violent werewolf movie ever made.” That’s a goal I can respect, especially when the werewolf committing the violence looks so horrifically great. It was built by Fabert’s own shop, Fabert Makeup EFX Studio, and it’s exactly the kind of practical monster I want to see on the screen.

Chatter about the film has been floating around since 2012, when Fabert first announced the project (shameful admission: he even sent me a press release, which I did nothing with because I’m dumb). Last September there was a brief, modest and successful FundRazr campaign to cover the cost of the makeup for the first scene (a werewolf attack, natch), which is being filmed as a teaser / proof-of-concept. Horror Society has the most recent update on the film, including some exclusive effects photos, a comprehensive cast list (yay Bill Oberst Jr.!) and many more photos from the Autumn Moon section of the Fabert Makeup site. In accordance with the ancient ritual, here’s the plot synopsis:

Pulp writer Michael Renee Allen thought the house on the edge of the woods would be the perfect place to write his next novel. He soon finds that the forest has more to offer than just fresh air and a nice view. Something unspeakable is stalking the forest. A cunning force of pure evil that hunts by night, painting the forest with blood. 

Below are some more photos of the werewolf, because that’s what you want to see, and I want to show them to you. For more on Autumn Moon, you can follow Autumn Moon on Facebook. It sounds like that opening scene is almost ready for viewing!

autumn-moon-werewolf-1 autumn-moon-werewolf-5 autumn-moon-werewolf-4 autumn-moon-werewolf-3