Werewolf Wednesday Digest for December Week 1

Another Werewolf Wednesday is upon us! Here are some bones to gnaw on:

  • Bill Oberst, Jr. has joined the cast of Werewolf Rises. You might recognize Bill from the The Beast, which is an awesome werewolf short, or Take This Lollipop, the Facebook app / short film that galvanized my office for two hours in 2011. Bill’s the best, and his involvement in the film can only mean good things.
  • The third season of the American adaptation of Being Human comes out on Blu-ray in January, and it’s available for pre-order now. I haven’t seen it and don’t imagine I’ll have time in the near future, but if you’re a fan, get it.
  • The long-awaited game Sang-Froid – Tales of Werewolves has a playable demo now via Steam, but only for Windows, so I guess I have to drag my Alienware out of the Shame Corner. Tower defence involving lumberjacks and werewolves in a snowy Quebec landscape is worth it.
  • In other news about Windows-only gaming that I’m totally not bitter about, Blood of the Werewolf could use your vote in the IndieDB Indie Of The Year competition. No sign-in is required to vote, so go do it, even if you’re waiting for a console port like me, because boy, that game looks TUFF.
  • Horror artist Bryan Baugh dug deep into the archives and posted a Wulf and Batsy comic from 2004 on his deviantART page. “Them’s Monsters” looks and reads like it’s straight out of Tales from the Crypt, and features a vampire who instantly made it onto my list of vampires I grudgingly acknowledge as cool. Thanks to Wolf Montana for sharing!
  • If you’re in the Vancouver / Whistler area, there’s an official WolfCop event happening at The Longhorn Saloon in Whistler this Friday evening. The WolfCop Drink ‘N Shoot is the place to be if you want to watch the new WolfCop teaser trailer (freshly cut from the shoot in Saskatchewan), and meet director Lowell Dean and special FX monster-master Emersen Ziffle. I can’t go because of reasons, but if you’re in the area, check it out!
  • If you’re craving more werewolf sites to follow, here are two more to add to your bookmarks: Lángrén’s Monsters & Werewolves, and PDX Werewolf‘s eponymous site. I like these guys and I like their sites. I bet you will too.

That’s it for this week, but the day’s not over, keep an eye on Twitter and Tumblr for more #WerewolfWednesday stuff.