Coin Club Australia’s epic silver werewolf coin

werewolf-proof-coin-reverseAustralia, everything I hear about you further validates my theory that you are the Most Hardcore Country, and now I find out you’re making werewolf money.

As part of their Mythical Creatures series, Coin Club Australia has released a limited edition coin featuring that most financially solvent of Mythical Creatures, the werewolf. The coin was commissioned from The Perth Mint and contains 1oz of 99.9% pure silver (what else?) in proof quality (that’s a good thing, I looked it up). It has a monetary denomination of one Australian dollar, but it’s only legal tender in Tuvalu, and regardless of its value or its cost, only a drongo would try to spend a coin like this.

The Coin Club web site has a delightfully thorough description of the coin’s art, which displays Queen Elizabeth II on the front, and on the reverse, a “werewolf fiercely prowling in a dense forest beneath a full moon. A medieval banner displays a silhouette of a werewolf and the $1 monetary denomination, with the inscription ‘werewolf’ also featured on a stylised scroll.”

Whoah. I was listening to this while I read that description, and the combination was pretty intense in an “awesome airbrushed van” sort of way. On second thought, perhaps a coin this epic could be spent on food items to enhance your Punch and Kick abilities.

The Werewolf coin has a limited mintage of 5,000, costs $90.86 AUD, and one dollar of each purchase is donated to UNICEF-Australia. It’s housed in a “contemporary brown” presentation case and custom-designed shipper, and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Many thanks to Werewolf News reader John for sharing!

werewolf-proof-coin-case werewolf-coin-shipper