“WolfCop” star Leo Fafard discusses his transformation into Lou Garou

Wolfcop Makeup

The Moose Jaw Times Herald has a nice little chat with Leo Fafard, the Saskatchewan actor playing the eponymous werewolf lawman in WolfCop. Most of the press about the film so far has been about its victory in the CineCoup competition, but now that filming’s actually underway, we get to hear about the rigours of shooting (zero sleep and sub-zero temperatures) and Fafard’s approach to playing Lou Garou.

He said Lou Garou and the post-transformation WolfCop are completely separate from each other, even though they inhabit the same body.

“One’s way more animalistic, not only in his movements but in his attitude,” Fafard said. “The other one’s, I mean, he’s got complexities of his own. He’s a drunk but he’s a cop … he’s a bit of a lost soul.”

Read the rest of the interview here, or for more updates on WolfCop’s progress, check out @WOLFCOPTheMovie on Twitter or the production blog on Tumblr. Stay warm, WolfCop crew!