Watch short film “Bad Moon Rising”, or “why you don’t keep werewolves in captivity”

2012 short film Bad Moon Rising combines practical effects and smart directing in a manner calculated to stimulate the part of the brain labelled “werewolves killing motherfuckers”. Enjoy all seven minutes of it here.

Director Scott Hamilton and crew put it together as a promo for a feature length film about a bank full of hostages that turn out to be werewolves. Its showcase is a lengthy werewolf transformation that’s achieved solely through traditional effects, and which I thought was very well-executed. BMR is a “modified version of the feature film’s opening sequence [that] was shot in order to act as a guide to the overall feel of the film”. All right, Hamilton, my appetite has been sufficiently whetted – please tell me where I can see (or help fund) the feature!

For more information, including an extensive gallery of mid-transformation photos like those below, visit BMR‘s web site.

Bad Moon Rising 3D Bad Moon Rising 4B Bad Moon Rising 4A