“Ginger Snaps” and “Dog Soldiers” to get the Scream Factory treatment

Someone at Scream Factory really likes werewolf movies! This past Saturday, the horror imprint of Shout! Factory (which I like to think of as the Criterion of horror) announced on Facebook that they’ve signed a deal which will see them release collector’s editions of two top-shelf werewolf films from the early 2000’s: Ginger Snaps and Dog Soldiers. Here’s hoping these releases aren’t hampered by bureaucratic snags like the music industry bullshit that wrecked Scream Factory’s oft-lamented Werewolf TV series release (yes, I’m still bitter about that). There are no more details beyond the existence of the deal and a “summer 2014” release date, but that’s still more than enough reason to execute a small dance, high-five a stranger or perform the happiness-gesture of your choice. Follow Scream Factory on Twitter for more info, or read about it on this very site as it becomes available. Thanks to Werewolf News reader Sam for the heads-up!

Dog Soldiers & Ginger Snaps