Four werewolf projects fight for your crowdsourced dollars

I was away, and now that I’m back I’m finding all these Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects in my inbox, some of which were sent to me weeks ago! In the interest of getting these in front of you as soon as possible, I’m going to forego the in-depth analysis and gang them up here. I think all four of these are great, and they deserve your consideration! Click on a project’s title to visit its page.

End Of The Road

“The 28 Days Later of werewolf movies”. I like where these guys are coming from, and I certainly agree with their premise: werewolf movies traditionally suck. If this pitch video doesn’t win you over, the credits at the end will.

Fright Fight: Online Multiplayer Fighting for Mobile

“…a ‘Smash Bros’ style online multiplayer brawler featuring horror, steampunk, RPG elements… and zombies!” Play as one of four brawlin’ monsters, including a werewolf. I’m not normally down with the iPad controls, but I’d play the heck out of this.

Freeborn: Guts full of awesomeness

“Having a pilot is great, but we want to sell this to cable as a true series. To do that, we need flash in our sales package. Having the makeup and effects in a werewolf show is essential, but it also costs. A lot!” Help them cover their costs and get exclusive access to footage of a full-on werewolf transformation. These folks have been working on Freeborn for a long time and every time I check in, it looks better than ever.

Little Red

“…a comic book series about a werewolf fighting other legendary phenomenon monsters…” I like a mean Red Riding Hood, especially when she’s an unstoppable killing machine.

Best of luck to everyone involved!