The Capclave limited collector’s edition of GRR’s “The Skin Trade” is still available

capclave-skintradeEdit: shortly after posting this, I received some updated info from Paul Haggerty of WFSA Press Books. I’ve edited the post in situ, so all information presented below is correct. Thanks, Paul!

Last month, Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin announced that a limited collector’s edition of his werewolf novella The Skin Trade would be available at the 2013 Capclave convention, as part of WSFA Press‘s tradition of honouring the convention’s guest of honour (Martin, in this case). This edition was limited to 500 trade hardcover and 500 signed/numbered hardcovers, and contains artwork by Rick Berry – 10 pieces of interior artwork, plus the cover.

500 copies were signed by Martin and Berry, and those were to be sold exclusively at Capclave, but it seems that a printer error caused a delay, and WFSA won’t be taking delivery of the signed/numbered edition until the end of the month. That means you can buy the trade hardcover edition right now at the WSFA Press Bookstore for the very reasonable price of $25, or you can pre-order the signed hardcover edition for $35. I know which one I’d get.

I wish I had some larger cover art to show you, but details are scarce. Nevertheless, this story is still pretty hard to obtain through legitimate means, so if you’ve been waiting for a chance to lay your hands on a physical copy of The Skin Trade, now’s your chance!