Zenescope’s “Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Werewolves: The Hunger”

Indie comics publisher Zenescope Entertainment is expanding its “sexy horror fairytales for adults” universe with the lycanthropic miniseries Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Werewolves: The Hunger. The 3-issue miniseries features writing by Mark L. Miller, pencils by Elmer Cantada and colours by Omi Remalante Jr. The Zenescope web site doesn’t actually have any info about the miniseries, other than “it is a thing you can buy, here is a preview of issue 1“, so here’s my synopsis, derived solely from the covers and the previews of the first two issues (all of which you can see below):

The action in Werewolves: The Hunger revolves around an “always in full moon mode” werewolf, a grizzled werewolf hunter with a singular name (sorry, it’s not “Cher”), ladies in peril and a sexy medical practitioner.

The first two issues are out now, and are available through Comixology.

Issue #1 Preview

werewolves-hunger-01-00coverA werewolves-hunger-01-00coverB werewolves-hunger-01-01 werewolves-hunger-01-02 werewolves-hunger-01-03 werewolves-hunger-01-15 werewolves-hunger-01-19

Issue #2 Preview

werewolves-hunger-02-00coverA werewolves-hunger-02-00coverB werewolves-hunger-02-00coverC werewolves-hunger-02-01 werewolves-hunger-02-02 werewolves-hunger-02-03 werewolves-hunger-02-04 werewolves-hunger-02-05 werewolves-hunger-02-06