WolfCop wins the big CineCoup prize: $1mil financing & theatrical release

Great news in Banff tonight: WolfCop has officially won the CineCoup film accelerator competition, securing $1 million CDN in financing and guaranteed release in Cineplex theatres across Canada in Winter 2014! The announcement was made less than an hour ago, during a Final 5 panel at the Banff World Media Festival. As of this post the CineCoup web site hasn’t been updated, and I have a feeling the WolfCop crew are in full celebration mode right now (or they well be, once they’re done with the TV interviews), but I expect more details (hopefully including release outside Canada) will be available when the confetti and werewolf fur settle. Congratulations to Lowell Dean, Bernie Hernando, Hugh Patterson and the rest of the WolfCop team!

WolfCop Wins!