Headbutt cats with a werewolf in Hackycat game for iOS

Tandye and I have been in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the past week, visiting with my parents and brother. Halifax is just about as far away from Vancouver as you can get and still be in Canada, and my primary source of entertainment during the many hours of air travel has been Hackycat for iOS. Hackycat is a score-attack style game in which you save adorable cartoon cats from exploding… by kicking and head-butting them into the air. Repeatedly.

The gameplay and animation alone is enough to qualify this as a great game, but what had me tapping like like a woodpecker at 40,000 feet was the unlockable character Ramirez, a werewolf from Madrid who wears a sweatband and kneepads, “dislikes tofu” and “doesn’t understand computers”. I mean, come on, check this guy out. With feet that big, no wonder he’s a gifted hackycat athlete.

Ramirez - Hackycat

Hackycat was designed, animated & programmed by Ken Wong, and is currently available from the App Store for 99¢. I highly recommend it!