It’s your last chance to vote for WolfCop & guarantee my friendship!

Today marks a dividing line on the calendar, people. It’s the beginning of the CineCoup Final 5 voting period, and it’s the last chance for movie fans to have a direct influence on which films go to the Banff World Media Festival and have a chance at the $1 million prize.

If you’re visiting a site called Werewolf News it’s pretty obvious which of the films you want to win, but as I recently learned, there’s a humongous gulf between wanting a thing and actually doing something about it. So let me lay it on the line: voting closes on June 2, and if you haven’t voted for WolfCop by then, we’re through. Our friendship will be over.

I’ll take down your pictures, throw your Xbox games in the trash and put your clothes in a cardboard box by the dumpster. Your remote access to my movie collection? Gone. Your invitation to attend the next werewolf fan gathering at Steamworks in July? Rescinded.  That may seem harsh, but honestly, in the time it’s taken you to read this far you could have logged in to CineCoup for the first time using your Facebook account and cast your vote. It takes virtually no time, and it will increase the likelihood that we get to see a feature-length version of this:

You want that, right? Of course you do! So please, if you value our friendship, go vote for WolfCop now!