Want the 2014 Werewolf Horror Calendar? Check out my pitch video & Indiegogo campaign!

My wife Tandye and I just launched an Indiegogo project for the 2014 Werewolf Horror Calendar! We’re trying to raise $6,700 Canadian in the next 30 days, and we could super use your help on this Werewolf Wednesday (or any day before May 24, really). Below is the pitch video (yes, that’s me, terrified to be in front of a camera but giving it my best).

Visit the campaign page to get all the details, including all of the things contributors can get in exchange for their support, and notes on what the artists are thinking of creating for the calendar. Oh, and here are three desktop backgrounds derived from stills from the video. They’re drawn by Tandye and they still crack me up, even though I’ve literally seen them each a million times in the past two weeks. Literally.

No Regular Wolves No Hippie Wolves No Twilight Beefcake