The “Werewolf in a taxi” Cab Ride Prank might be fake, but I don’t care

One of the many things we talked about on last week’s Howl Out Cast podcast was the Cab Ride Prank video, a 3-minute hidden camera prank clip by BlackBoxTV. The setup is simple: a taxi driver who looks a little bit like Steve Brule has a “werewolf incident” while transporting two unsuspecting ladies. The ladies, who look like they just want to go to The Keg, are not well-pleased. Here, for your consideration and amusement, is that video.

Some of the Youtube commenters are complaining that the video is “fake” in the sense that the ladies in the back seat are actors, and that the whole thing is too orchestrated to be a legit prank. My response to that is: you’re probably right, but who cares, ya dingus? It’s three minutes of goofy, scary fun! Thanks to Werewolf News reader Karsten for sending me the link.