Scream Factory reveals cover art for “The Howling” collector’s edition

Did you know that “retro pop culture label” Shout! Factory (of aborted Werewolf series DVD fame) has a line of cult horror / sci-fi releases under the “Scream Factory” banner? I didn’t, until Wednesday, when I saw this Daily Dead post about an upcoming Scream Factory release: a DVD / Blue-ray collector’s edition of “The Howling”, featuring brand new cover art from Nathan Thomas Milliner. From Scream Factory’s Facebook page:

The Howling - Collector's Edition cover art

Artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (who designed our key art for The Burning, Halloween III and several others) wows us again with his werewolf-filled and ferocious interpretation of 1981’s THE HOWLING which is coming soon to DVD & Blu-ray this Summer. We even showed this to Director Joe Dante who said “Wow! Cool! I’d go see that picture!”

More details on THE HOWLING (specific release date, etc.) will be coming soon in March. Stay tuned!

What do you think of Milliner’s cover art? Me, I’m feelin’ it.