Kickstart historical killing-spree “Dreadline” & play a werewolf girl who collects human hearts

Last May I posted about Eerie Canal‘s game Dreadline, an action/RTS mashup in which you play one of several monsters (including a werewolf) who time travel to the scenes of historical catastrophes in order to kill all of the victims who were just going to die anyway. At the time, the game was in development and scheduled for a Q1 2013 release, which is basically now. Since I’m writing this post instead of playing the game, and given the category this post is in, you can probably guess where this is headed, but I’ll let the Eerie Canal team explain:

What was originally going to be our quick-turnaround/low-risk/easy-breezy/genre game evolved into a completely original game that is far more exciting, but also far more challenging to build. Now that we’re ready to really get down to building this thing, we’re out of cash. We have enough of it up and running to know that it’s going to be ridiculously fun, and we can’t wait to finish it.

They’re hoping to raise $167,000 on Kickstarter, which seems like a lot of money to more mortals like you and I, but consider this: Eerie Canal is two dudes who’ve worked a ton of games for giant publishers, who want to take the best of what they’ve learned and make something informed by their own (sick and twisted) sensibilities, and who really know what this sort of thing costs. From the KS page:

Dreadline is currently slated to be an English-language, single-player, PC release that will be completed around August of 2013. The plan is to have 9 playable monsters and 7 calamities. We have estimated that it will cost us $167,000 (minus the take of Kickstarter, Amazon, and our prizes) to get Dreadline out the door. It’s quite a bit less than what other game projects of this size have asked for since we’ve been self funding for over a year now.

But we would love to offer more. We want more monsters, more calamities, multiplayer monster fights, Mac port, iOS port, more languages, or anything else YOU may want. We don’t want to put up a table of new features that could be rolled out yet, because we would first like to hear from people like you.

So, the Eerie Canal guys have the experience, the creativity, the tech (they even built their own game engine, called ‘shoe_gazer’), and the will. They just need the cash! If you want to play this game as much as I do, go contribute something to their Kickstarter project. To entice you, here’s a graphic they created that shows what some of the rewards are:

Dreadline Rewards