Immortal’s “Hellhound” design might be my new favourite werewolf mask

Reader Joseph sent me a link to Immortal Masks‘s silicone “Hellhound” design while I was in my holiday-induced coma. Holy shit. It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t look at it until just the other day – if I’d seen it before Christmas I probably would have returned everyone’s gifts and spent the money on one of these instead.


I think I’m in love! The Hellhound is available in four styles: Brown, Arctic and Grey ($550) or Lycan ($1,100, with NFT hair that’s hand-punched at the edges – link to the “get Andrew one of these” donation fund to follow). Check out the official demo video from Immortal below, and keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates… apparently they’re getting ready to release “monster sleeves”, so you can have Hellhound arms and hands to match.