Ask yourself: isn’t it time you picked up Anathema #3?

Anathema issue 3I didn’t plan on going back to post about anything that happened during my Christmas Coma, but I’m willing to make an exception for Rachel Deering because she’s prone to violence and incredibly strong. Issue 3 of Rachel’s comic Anathema came out at the end of November, and now it’s time to divide you Werewolf News readers into three groups: a) those who don’t have it because they don’t know it’s out, b) those who already have it, and c) those who don’t have it because they think heartbroken-rage-fuelled werewolf revenge quests aren’t “cool”.

Those in the first group may remedy the situation by exchanging $1.99 for a PDF of this comic here, at Rachel’s online store. I have one of these PDFs and I have to tell you, two bucks is a good value for this many pixels arranged in such a pleasing configuration. I don’t read many comics digitally, but I feel like the image size in this one is like three times the size of the other officially-released comics PDFs I have. I re-read the comic on the train today and I was getting dirty looks about it from a lady who could see my screen from the other side of the car. I don’t know what her problem was – doesn’t everyone like a lesbian make-out scene?

To those in the second group, I say to you: well done! Let us reminisce in the comments or on Twitter about the streamlined writing from Deering, the terrific work by new artist Wes St. Claire, the time Gideon was all “get on my horse” and Mercy was all “okay but you’re riding Tuco-style“, or the throw-away comment “it’s fine. I could use the space.”

To those in the last group, I don’t know what you’re doing here. Did you get lost looking for this?