Classic film werewolves enact some justice on this gory “Breaking Jacob” T-shirt from Fright Rags

Courtesy of Werewolf News reader Stuart, here’s a limited edition Fright Rags t-shirt guaranteed to please werewolf fans. The Breaking Jacob shirt features AWIL’s David Kessler, classic Wolf Man and classic Teen Wolf literally disembowling Twilight’s Jacob Black. It’s inaccurate in the sense that I’m not included in the design – despite my having been involved in Jacob’s demise – but it’s gory and oh so very right.

Wearing this shirt will help you properly calibrate your friend-zone! Here’s how:

  • Put it on and go about your day.
  • Anyone who reacts to it with horror and/or revulsion is not a person you need in your life. Shun them.
  • Anyone who points and cheers and/or proffers a solemn high five is more than a friend – truly, they are your brother or sister.

Breaking Jacob is available from Fright Rags for $21.95, and once it sells out, it’s gone!