Allison Moon continues lycanthropic exploration of feminism & queer identity with “Hungry Ghost”

Author, sex educator and distinguished fur vest wearer Allison Moon is writing a sequel to her debut novel Lunatic Fringe, and she’s put together a Kickstarter campaign to help pay her production expenses. Hungry Ghost is scheduled for an April 2013 release. From the campaign page:

Lunatic Fringe is Book 1 of the Tales of the Pack series, which gives werewolf stories a lesbian twist. It follows college freshman Lexie Clarion as she encounters the strange and scary world of feminist politics, liberal arts education, and forests filled with nasty creatures.  Hungry Ghost (Book 2) picks up where Lunatic Fringe left off, as Lexie becomes part of the Pack and takes on her role as a werewolf hunter. She makes new friends, discovers new powers, and has to defend her family and her town against a new Big Bad.  The series explores feminism, queer identity, gender politics, and community, all within the werewolf world.

Allison is looking to raise $4,500 to pay her editor and her cover art designer. Additional funds will go towards the cost of merch production and the setup and distribution of the paperback books. The good news is that the campaign has already surpassed its goal with 6 days left, and is within $800 of reaching the first stretch goal: audiobook recordings of both books.

I’m a fan of Allison’s fiction but I also deeply admire her writing on feminism and gender – please support her work if you’re able!