Making your own realistic werewolf fangs at home

Sculptor, mask-maker and general “makin’ cool stuff because I can” guy Evan Campbell has created a fantastic tutorial showing how to make your own totally realistic werewolf fangs with a few commercially available supplies, a little skill and a lot of practice.

Okay, technically the tutorial is titled “Vampire Teeth”, but the word only appears once on the page, and the technique will let you make any kind of chompers you can sculpt. I love DIY stuff, and despite the unfamiliarity of some of the gear (that Articulator looks like something out of a Saw movie), there’s nothing going on here that’s out of reach for anyone with the willingness to spend a few bucks and a lot of hours getting messy. Thanks to Evan for sharing his expertise – between this tutorial and his others on mask-making (part one and two), skin textures and punching hair, you’ve got everything you need to make a killer werewolf mask. Thanks also to Tandye for sending me the link!