“The Cabin in the Woods” is out on Blu-ray & DVD now, so you can freeze frame the werewolf scenes

The Cabin in the Woods, front-runner for “Andrew’s Favourite Movie of 2012” and recipient of the Quinton Mark of Excellence in Werewolf Design, is now available for purchase in basically any format you like. Amazon has it in Blu-ray, DVD and Instant Video formats, and it’s in the iTunes store so you can watch it on your iPhone 5’s huge screen. All but the Instant Video formats come with bonus features that will undoubtedly contain making-of featurettes and image galleries showcasing the film’s menagerie of monsters, including the vicious, supernaturally fast (and some might ague, pivotal) werewolf.

On the subject of creature effects, Fangoria has a long and detailed interview with CITW makeup FX designer David Leroy Anderson. He mentions the werewolf at several points, including this passage in which he talks about how important it was to choose the right people to work on each monster.

The people that were working on the Werewolf, it was Norman Cabrera and Matt Rose, and they’re legendary in this industry. He [Rose] just has such a passion about werewolves, the whole history of them, so there was no disputing he should be the man in charge of it.

Apropos of nothing, I would like to mention that I am available as a consultant, and my rates are quite reasonable.