Watch “Monstrous Nature”, a short film by Jason Cuadrado

Monstrous Nature is a short film in which a nun wakes from an abduction to find herself handcuffed to a self-professed serial killer who is counting on her to “deliver” him from his murderous impulses. Trapped deep in the woods, and with “the time” rapidly approaching, Sister Angela has to decide if prayer is enough to save Paul, or if something more worldly is required.

This tense 15 minutes is written and directed by Jason Cuadrado, and it made for some very enjoyable lunchtime viewing here in the office (although there are a few shots near the end that turned me off my chili).

Camillia Sanes Monet and Gary Perez both turn in strong performances – I found Perez’s reluctant but ruthless killer particularly charming. The editing gets a little choppy during the climax, but the effects were gross-out good. You don’t have to take my word for it, though – Cuadrado has made the whole thing available via Vimeo. Watch & enjoy!