Dread Central would like to remind you that “The Howling” is awesome

This week’s Tip of the Scalpel column on Dread Central had me nodding so vigorously at my iPhone that I think I weirded out my fellow Skytrain commuters this morning. Dr. Gash preaches a rousing sermon on the qualities of “best werewolf film ever” contender The Howling.

Centered around horror movie hall-of-fame actress Dee Wallace, The Howling delivers everything you could want in an 80’s horror film: blood, sex (even werewolf sex, does it get any better? Watch the toenails, please. Yikes!), tongue-in-cheek humor and F/X done the old-fashioned way, with latex and a paint brush. No CGI here. Not even close. Just artist and canvas. In this case the artist happened to be special effects expert Rob Bottin and his canvas was a blood soaked colony of werewolves. Not your traditional blank slate, but the results speak for themselves.

While I don’t agree with Dr. Gash’s assertion that The Howling is the best werewolf movie ever, I think it’s in the top three. I certainly share his sentiments on the special effects, and the power of werewolf transformation scenes in general. I think… I think I’m gonna watch a little Eddie Quist & Friends this weekend.