“City Under The Moon” (my favourite werewolf novel) is free for Kindle this weekend

Let’s not mess around here. I haven’t written a review of it yet (insert shameface), but Hugh Sterbakov‘s book City Under The Moon is my favourite werewolf novel (seriously, no hyperbole), and for the next two days, you can get it for free on your Kindle (and if you don’t have a Kindle, you can read it on the Kindle app on your computer or mobile device).

I’ll save the gory details of my love affair for the forthcoming review. Suffice it to say, Hugh can write scary, funny and biology-textbook-technical with equal talent, and his take on werewolves checks every box on my list. Literally. I have a list, and all the boxes are checked.

City Under The Moon kicks ass. Go see for yourself.