Tom Spina Designs restores AWIL’s Jack, who’s still mad you called him “meatloaf”

I admire the guys at Tom Spina Designs. They do great creature effects work, whether it’s restoring the original An American Werewolf in London Werewolf David costume to its 1981 glory, fixing up the 2010 Wolfman suit or designing their own life-size werewolf statues and busts. Whenever a new email from Tom hits my inbox, I know something awesome’s inside, and his latest message was no exception.

Bob Burns – friend of Rick Baker, monster collector extraordinaire and keeper of the aforementioned AWIL “Werewolf David” costume – provided Tom & co. with their latest restoration project: the original “emaciated porno theatre puppet” version of AWIL’s Jack Goodman. When Jack arrived at Tom’s workshop, his decomposition had progressed far beyond his ghoulish state during his final appeal to David’s better nature. From the TSD site:

Working at the project over a period of weeks, the TSD crew would work together to bring a bit of life back to this incredible piece of film history. Patrick Louie performed most of the cleaning, Mike Thomas did much of the conservation and patching and Tom Spina handled rebuilding the larger missing areas and all paint work.

Below are a few of the photos Tom sent me. You can see more photos – and read about Rick Baker’s reaction to the restoration – on the TSD project page. Fantastic work as always, and thanks for sharing, Tom!