GrimWolf: Pure American Werewolf Metal

Werewolf News reader Tah the Trickster wrote in to tell me about some werewolf-related music that will nicely counter-balance the last music post I did. I’m just going to quote Tah’s email, since it says 95% of what you need to know.

There is a small Californian metal band by the name of GrimWolf that I really think you’d be interested in. Their tagline is “Pure American Werewolf Metal” so their subject material is obviously relevant to your interests.

GrimWolf currently has only two releases – their debut EP “Pure American Werewolf Metal,” which is available for free download on signing up for their newsletter, and their debut full-length album “Lycanthrope.” I realize it might not be your preferred genre of music – it’s very loud and very heavy, which I understand not everyone likes – but I think it’s definitely worth it to check them out and give these guys a mention.

Hey, now. Just because I listen to Fiona Apple and drink tea doesn’t mean I need my music served lukewarm in a porcelain bowl! Last year I blew a $200 pair of Sennheisers listening to Pelican too loud. But I digress.

I don’t know much about metal, but I know what I like, and after listening to two songs, I can confirm that I like GrimWolf. Tasty riffs, just the right amount of face-shredding abrasiveness, and pretty much the only “guttural growl” vocals I’ve been able to get into. Plus, all of their songs really do seem to be about werewolves, just like it says on the tin. Below is the video for “Moonshine”, the first single from Lycanthrope. For more on the band, including upcoming gigs, check out their site