Short film “Animal” is a tasty little werewolf snack & an example for would-be Kickstarters

Yesterday, @werewolfnews follower @jasonious alerted me to the existence of Animal, a 5-minute short by Cosmic Mutt Pictures. It’s a short, simple little snack for the werewolf-hungry. I liked the makeup, especially the menacing portrait at 3:22.

Okay, unsolicited opinion time. Are you thinking of raising money for a short film or a web series? Do you need five (or twenty-five) grand to pay for the actors, equipment and makeup? Let me make a suggestion: don’t even create an account on IndieGoGo or Kickstarter until you’ve got something like Animal to show as an example of what you intend to do with the money you raise.

I don’t know how much money Cosmic Mutt spent on the production of Animal – they’re a 2-person production company that makes “micro micro micro budget films (for now)!” – but I’ll bet it wasn’t much more than the cost of the MacBook I’m typing this on. Showing what you’re capable of with a small budget you raised yourself will go a long way to reassuring potential backers (and promotional venues like Werewolf News) that you’ll put your crowdsourced budget to good use.