Exclusive: Makeup FX Pro Adrien Morot shares photos of his “relaxing” werewolf project

Back in January, special makeup effects artist Adrien Morot shared some behind-the-scenes werewolf media with us, and now he’s made my weekend with a surprise email:

I have been stuck on the new Chronicles of Riddick movie doing insane hours for the last few months… I finished Riddick last Saturday morning and I wanted to relax from all of the madness by spending a few days in my shop and working on a personal project for once. So I took out the molds [from a previous werewolf project] and casted new skins from them which I assembled on a foam mannequin. I seamed and painted the whole thing and did the hair work (which is still not completely done). I took a few pictures last night to see how it was looking on camera and thought that you might enjoy the results.

Did you enjoy those results? I sure as hell did! When I saw the photos I got all giddy, especially at the one Adrien’s in, which gives a marvellous sense of scale. That’s a big, bad-ass werewolf! This design is pretty much the best execution of the “lupine head on a human body”-style werewolf I’ve seen. I love the detail on the muzzle and jaws (those teeth!), I dig those ears, and I think Adrien found the perfect balance between fur and visible skin – being able to see the definition of the muscles really adds to the “this was once a human” effect.

I asked Adrien if he would be continuing work on this guy… maybe giving him a body, perhaps? Hopefully? Please?

*laughs* No, I will not be making the rest of the body as I do not have enough free space around the shop for such a large display piece. The only thing left for me to do on this piece is to punch in a bit more fine hair on the nose and brows, and punch up the facial colors. I will also add up a bit of subtle details such as veins in the ears.

If and when he shares photos of the final results, you’ll see them here! Many thanks to Adrien for his generosity. If you have any comments about this piece, leave ’em below!