Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Cabin in the Woods [partial spoiler]

The fact that I’m even posting about Cabin in the Woods is a spoiler in itself, but the fact that I’ve said “spoiler” three times already and you’re still reading means you’ve already seen it, you haven’t seen it and don’t care, or you have poor reading comprehension skills. In any event, Werewolf News reader Nyetwerke sent in a link to an Ain’t It Cool News interview with CITW director Drew Goddard, and there are some photos in there that I was excited to see. Because you and I are friends, I thought you might like to see them, too.

Like all the other creature effects in the film, the werewolf was created by AFX Studio. Apparently more photos of their work on the film are “coming soon”.

I would’ve been Finance’s “Ronald”.