Are you an “ultimate werewolf fan”? Prove it and maybe you’ll get to be on TV

2012-04-20: I’ve edited this post way down at the request of the production company involved. Apparently I said was more than I was supposed to. Here’s what I’ve been told it’s okay to share:

A television production company in Los Angeles is currently trying to cast for a show dealing with Werewolves in the U.S. They are looking for an “ultimate werewolf fan”, at least 20 years old or older, that is a fanatic of werewolves movies, games, etc. The selected werewolf fanatic will be paid on a per-episode basis. Anybody interested may email their name, age, gender, location, short bio and a photo to

So, there you go. It’s a shame I can’t say more, but I understand that TV production is a super competitive business, and it’s not a good idea to say too much about a show you’re trying to cast, lest other companies poach your ideas.