Beautiful & Cruel graphic novel WOLVES by Becky Cloonan, available on iTunes & Graphicly for a buck

Illustrator Becky Cloonan has made her self-published short graphic novel WOLVES available on the iTunes store for $0.99. I bought the book right after I saw her tweet about it, and then spent 20 breathless minutes pinching and flicking at my iPhone’s screen so I could get a better look. I loved what I saw, and for $0.99, I think you will too.

From the book’s page on Becky’s site:

As a lone hunter tracks an elusive beast through the forest, he reflects on his life and past love through a series of flashbacks, bringing the story to a climax that is as romantic as it is violent. This powerful mini-comic lends itself to multiple read-throughs, never giving concrete answers but (like the best enigmatic endings) leaves your own conclusions satisfying.

The story is simple but well-realized, and the black & white artwork is full of ominious hard shadows and evocative close-ups. I didn’t find the ending enigmatic at all – by the last few pages, it’s pretty clear what’s going on, and although I find most short stories leave me wanting more, I was completely satisfied with the conclusion of WOLVES.

The original print run has sold out, but as I mentioned all the way back at the top of this post, a digital version is available on iTunes for $0.99. You can also get it from Graphicly for the same price.