“The Devil Inside” team’s next project: faux found footage werewolf film

Bloody Disgusting has turned up some exclusive news on the next project to be undertaken by the creative team behind recent critical flop / box office hit The Devil Inside. Director William Brent Bell and writer / producer Matthew Peterman have collaborated on the script for an as-of-yet unnamed werewolf film, also to be assembled from “found footage” like Devil. According to Bloody Disgusting, the film will be about someone who turns into a werewolf while being held in police custody.

Some halfway decent werewolf special effects shown through deliberately lo-fi faux found footage could make for some great visuals, but as we’ve seen time and time again, great visuals don’t make up for a wretched story. I haven’t seen The Devil Inside (and most likely never will, since pretty much everything about it falls outside the scope of my interest), but the box office numbers being what they are in the face of such negative mainstream reviews indicates that the film has found an audience somewhere. Horror fans, maybe? I’d like to hear what Werewolf News readers thought about the film.

As for this new “werewolf in jail” film, I’m thinking: alternate version of the Monster Squad wolfman’s story? Come on, someone get Jon Gries on the phone.