So, this is happening: “FDR American Badass” trailer – Franklin Roosevelt kicking werewolf ass

Did you watch it? Did you watch that trailer all the way through? Did you find anything in it that wasn’t

  1. Amazing?
  2. Hilarious?
  3. So dumb it was great?

Here’s a snippet from the Huffington Post writeup:

The new film from director Garrett Brawith stars Barry Bostwick as a raunchy version of the four-term president who contracted polio from a bite from a Nazi werewolf. As it turns out, Hitler and Mussolini are werewolves, too, which sets Roosevelt and his allies on a wild mission to defeat them using any means necessary.

I know the werewolves are the villains in this thing, but come on, a foul-mouthed FDR played by the guy who was Rocky Horror‘s Brad Majors? It even stars Kevin Sorbo as Lincoln. There’s no release date yet (not even an official web site or Facebook page either), but I hope it comes out soon. Real soon.