Maybe I Want to Watch “Dino Wolf”. Is That Okay?

I just read a Dread Central review for “Dino Wolf”, a 2011 horror film that was apparently born as “Dire Wolf” and is now lurching around getting blood on everything. Normally this isn’t something I would look at twice, but this quote from the review piqued my interest:

With an emphasis on practical special effects over computer animation, [director] Fred Olen Ray should be applauded for going this route with his latest creature feature. Had this been a Syfy movie, the monster would have been a fully computer-generated dire wolf and probably wouldn’t have looked anywhere near as realistically ghastly as this monster suit does. Yeah, it’s obviously a werewolf suit, but it’s a damn good one.

A bipedal werewolf executed via suit-based practical effects – YES. I’ve sat through many a terrible film in the hopes of seeing a werewolf done well in this way, and if Dino Wolf can deliver, I’ll check it out regardless of what the rest of the film content is like (luckily, it sounds pretty okay). The trailer below has quite a few shots of the creature (mostly causing violent deaths – lotta gore, there), and it reminds me of the werewolves from Werewolf the TV series – that’s a good thing.

Dino Wolf is available on the Internet’s never-ending product hole, Amazon, for fifteen bucks. I think… I think I’m gonna get it. Have you seen it? What did you think?